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Dex, This is my post to a

good friend and fellow Marine in MI. I will give him your number if you say it is okay. I didn't want to do it of FB and I can call him but he may be offshore for quite sometime. I will call him first before posting your number. I just need to know if youhave a problem with FB.


My Post:


I would ask for a little help if you can. I am going to post from a friend his request. It is not for the money but, for the delivery. I am asking all my Marine Brothers and Biker Friends to try and help in this endeavor. I will get you Dex's Phone in my next post>

Jim Whitehead

I need your help! We have critical supplies in SouthEastern MI. sitting on pallets with no truck. I have taken it upon my self to attempt to raise $3000.00 for the rental of a straight truck, pallet jacks and fuel. The money is directly paid to a 501c3 non profit named Hands of Light in Action. This keeps it clean.

Please, if there is any amount you can donate we would be eternally greatful. This is not my typical approach but frankly we need to get these items down to OK fast!

Jon, can you please embed the donation link? and thank you Michael for giving me the front page for this cause.

Please click here to Donate:

WE DONT NEED FEMA TO HELP! We got this!!!!!

Kind Regards


If you know anyone that can help get this aid to OK, Please help me do this


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