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Comment: Until enough people have nothing left to lose....

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Until enough people have nothing left to lose....

Which is sad / may be too late, as we've lost plenty enough already. (I sure cannot fathom what it would take to drive me to literal battle, as it is a truly dreadful affair.)


Names, badge numbers, and home addresses will become valuable tactical intel for targeted strikes on the guilty parties.

This is a war after all, even though half of us don't yet realize it has been declared upon us and is well underway.

Frankly, I think even pre-emptive strikes on corrupt "leaders" may also ultimately be required and will be more effective than trying to take on legions of so-called "law enforcement" personnel. It's unfortunate, but I'm afraid the only effective way to influence abusers away from abusing is to instill in them the fear of like retribution or even death.

Oathbreakers / treasonous traitors hang during war time.

Our country's Founders fought in war, took lives, and were killed (and in the face of far less oppression than we endure presently). We'll be there again soon.

I'm sorry to say: to assume that some peaceful means can end this insane injustice is to credit these thugs and cowardly clowns with too much intelligence / potential decency. They must be crushed at some point--and perhaps when enough of them have been wiped out, the rest will fall back into line for fear of some similar or worse fate.

What / when will be the "last straw", I wonder?

What would the Founders do?