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Nice to see you have become more open

Have you seen the AE911 Truth videos? This is what convinced me.
Try and step away from the massive scale of the building. It was 110 stories tall and the first plane hit between the 93rd and 99th floors. So proportionally it hit the top 15% of the building, that is to say that the top 15% of the building crushed the bottom 85%.
I challenge you to try and replicate this phenomenon by constructing two boxes from card board, or folded paper, or matchsticks, or anything you can think of, where the width and length are the same, but the top box is 15% of the total height and weight and the bottom box is 85% of the height and weight. Drop the shorter top box onto the lower one, and you can even drop it from several times the total height, and see if you can recreate this on a small scale level. The upper floors would have been lighter structurally than the lower floors, so the floors above the impact would have actually been even less than the 15% height ratio. Ask yourself, who has more credibility, your government which didn't even test for explosives if only to rule it out, or licensed, practicing engineers, architects, scientists,and metallurgists?

The fact that free fall can only occur with ZERO structural resistance cannot be debunked. The fact that NIST admits that Building 7 was in free fall at some point, cannot be debunked. Therefore the fact that Building 7 at some point, provided zero structural resistance during the collapse cannot be debunked. So it can only be that the entire structural system on the floor that failed was entirely absent. Do you think that an office fire that normally reaches only 500 degrees could cause an entire floors' columns to fail simultaneously when the melting point of steel is 2700 degrees? And fires spread. All of the logs in your fireplace don't burn through at the same moment do they, so how in the world would this happen to columns spread throughout a large building?