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Their is No Difference

I am very familiar with property laws, their is no difference between residence and commercial property, both are private property and the same rights apply. You can't just make things up to justify your wrong argument. The mall was within their rights to make a rule against photography. The guard was doing her job by asking them to leave for breaking the property's rule and their refusal was criminal. I will admit her behavior was ridiculous and had she handled it better the altercation could have been avoided but she was acting within her rights.

Security did use force to get her off the land but the biker woman assaulted her immediately. The Guard then was acting in self-defense not the biker woman. Taking hold of someone to remove them from property is REASONABLE force. The woman then reacted by grabbing her by the throat. Security then had the right to escalate the level of force to protect herself and control the subject.

"when people act that way dont complain when someone hits back even if you are in the 'right'."

- are you justifying assault because she acted like a jerk? Not a very libertarian position to take...

Property right, use of force laws, know them, love them because you may need them someday.