Comment: Damn Boneless, you are a lazy lawyer ...

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Damn Boneless, you are a lazy lawyer ...

... but at least, you are a good example of why nobody should ever hire a lawyer -- most of them are lazy as hell.

BTW, the reason I am being offensive is because you are a troll, fishing for a fight but not offering anything of substance to back up your own position.

Let's take a look at what you posted here. First, you gave two links. Both of those links are to sources that lack any reasonable credibility. The Anti-Defamation League is a racist organization that is not interested in substantive debate. They are only interested in censorship.

Likewise, Quatloos is run by Jay Adkisson, a lawyer who will never address anything of substance related to these particular issues. He and his gang engage only in logical fallacies, not substantive debate.

Now then, let's look at that first page anyway, despite the fact that the ADL is dishonest --

The first several cases are all UNPUBLISHED cases. This is EXACTLY what you will find for any pro-sovereign stuff. The government will not allow a losing trial court case to be published. People like you will then claim, "if it ain't published, it doesn't count."

So, why are you doing the same damn thing? You are providing the very same type of cases to "prove" your point. No dice. No soup for you.

Now, I did take a look at one of those first few cases that was a published case. I looked up Farm Credit Bank of Wichita v. Devous (WD Okl 1996) 933 F.Supp 1028.

Guess what? It does NOT prove your case, and further shows that ADL and their lawyers are a bunch of lazy bozos, too. They couldn't even be bothered to look it up??? WTF?

This case was REMANDED from the federal court back to the state (county) court because the federal court HAD NO JURISDICTION:

"The Court remands this action to the District Court of Woodward County, Oklahoma for numerous reasons, including ... no jurisdiction exists, Mr. Devous having pled no facts that satisfy the complete diversity or amount in controversy requirements ..."

Stop being so damn lazy, boneless. Don't just cut-and-paste a couple of links of nonsense. If you want to assert your claim is true, then do the RESEARCH and PRESENT EVIDENCE THAT IS ON POINT.

This Honorable Supreme Court of the People, in the case of BONELESS vs. SOVEREIGN (like that upper case there, Boneless?) finds for the defense, due to failure of the plaintiff to present any evidence. Summary Judgement.