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You managed to call me a dumb ass in the process. ( Thank you, for deleting that. ) Altho, I really didn't take it personally. ;)

I'm in Utah, not CA. For some reason they don't require it here.. Although they DID warn me that some municipalities *might*, and I would have to check with them individually.

Hell, I even bought insurance for the damn thing.. I didn't ask if it was required or not.. I don't *think* it is.. just kinda sounded like a good idea anyway. Ya know?

I assure you, I am not a follower or promoter of E.C. I've managed to listen to a couple of shows. But I AM interested in what he's said about due process. I'm not an attorney, so I really don't know if what he says would hold water or not, as far as not giving the police your ID, registration, insurance by invoking your rights.

You'll probably end up with the police kicking in your car window. ( Just like he mentioned in the info wars video ) and no.. I'm not an A.J fan either. It really was the title of the video that caught my attention.

So, I'm legitimately interested in how that would pan out. I DON'T know the law well enough. And I'm really interested to hear someone call into his show with details and PROOF.. So I'll probably listen to some more to see if that ever happens... ESPECIALLY if it is to debunk it!!

I've just seen so many people comply with the police and get screwed, that what he had to say about it caught my attention. And basically all he's said.. is just don't say anything ( for the most part ) and don't give them anything that will help them prosecute you. That honestly doesn't sound like bad advice... well, unless you don't want your window kicked in on the side of the road!! ( NOT E.C ) But an actual attorney with basically the same advice. ( Although, there is nothing about traffic stops mentioned. )

Someone just posted a link today about the guy in CA that got beat for refusing to sign a ticket.. so I see a real concern/issue there. My grandfather was a sheriff here for a long-time, ( other family was LEO too ) and I have a lot of respect for law enforcement, but things seem to be going down hill, and police violence seems to be escalating.. Fortunately I haven't been involved with the court system, but I don't have a ton of faith in it either. Maybe you have a better perspective on that, if it's something you deal with often.

And I definitely feel your pain, man.. I DEFINITELY feel your pain. People will believe what they want to believe, regardless of facts or evidence. And, NO, I don't want people to have a bad impression of the liberty movement.

I'm prone to getting fed up, and ranting myself from time to time, and HAVE considered starting some threads myself.. But I keep telling myself to be nice! And I don't think that making fun of people is the right way to go about it... It just makes people hate you, then you'll never achieve your goal, which seems to be the same as mine. ( Make the movement look good, and legitimate! ) TRUST ME.. it's a challenge to bite my tongue sometimes! But it's the right thing to do. ( For me anyway. ) You're welcome to continue. :) I know it can be fun!!

I do appreciate the apology. Thank you.

I apologize as well, and will edit accordingly. I think we're probably on the same page of a lot of the 'issues' here at the DP. As well as the movement in general.

I think that we should be friends from now on though, and thank you for responding to my posts