Comment: Be Attentive Iron with the labels we use.

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Be Attentive Iron with the labels we use.

Until a few years ago I considered myself a staunch conservative. Until I researched the terms. The terms that have been redefined in our culture by the collective promoting MSM.

I am certainly for people to progress, but not away from the Constitution, or even more simply the rule of natural law it attempted to describe.

I am also certainly liberal when it comes to people living their lives as they want, as long as they don't want me to support them, be they rich or poor. (I think I'm stolen from the rich through corruption much more than I am the poor.)

Now, when it comes to narcissistic, I think you nailed it!!!!

And she is so far out on the limb she will be taken down. They have over reached to the extreme because so few have stood up for so long.