Comment: The MORAL FOG of WAR....on "TERRORISM"

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When I heard about this tragic event...that occurred in the ocean about 30 miles to my east...I didn't think much of it than a freak freak accident. the back of my mind...such an anomaly always plants a seed and questions.

Because of historical precedent: Anyone that thinks that members of our military and intelligence community are not occasionally knocked off (such as in the case of Pat Tillman) because they may be a threat to the official story, or for whatever other nefarious reason--needs to guess again. This happens. Or they are "sacrificed" in a stand down such as in the case of Benghazi.

Granted...because most of what the FBI does, is classified, we may never know if these men's connection to the violent apprehending of the 19 year old unarmed non-terrorist teenager named related to their mysterious deaths.

Could be just an accident. Could very well NOT be.

Maybe these men KNEW FIRST HAND that this boy was huddling in a bullet ridden boat without arms...and maybe they KNEW he was not a terrorist...and maybe someone from the DARK ELEMENT within the bureau of the FBI...knew that they were going to talk.

[This is what happens when everything the FBI or every other government agent does in secret....we have to infer...deduce...make conjecture.]

But if the historical precedent of government-actor whistleblowers getting framed, declared insane, or mysteriously dying in "accidents"...has anything to say about it, then this event and connection deserves a full investigation.

Of course...the FBI....would be investigating course, nothing to see there. :-(

Norfolk, VA

Time to INVESTIGATE the investigators of 9/11. PROSECUTE the prosecutors. EXPOSE the cover-up.