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I see it more like a 2

I see it more like a 2 pronged attack on the system. Instead of being one of the "there way isn't good enough" types, why don't you respect that differant individualists see differant strategies having better odds of working, and put their efforts into what they think will work. Is Rand right? Is Adam right? Who knows. We all have our theories. Personally, I want to see them both do their thing. If you can think of a third way, give it a try. Hit them from all sides at once.

But for your info, the infiltration method isn't about "getting respect from the state." Its about taking over the state and paralyzing them so they can't do any more damage, then stripping them down to the bone and shutting their asses down. In my district, we have taken over our GOP, shut them out, and are appointing an invidivualist for our state representitive position.

We don't give a @#$% if the neocons we tossed "respect" us. We stripped them of their political power because of what they did in the caucus. Now they are outnumbered and we control the board. Some of them joined us and vote with us, other's got frustrated and left. NONE of them think for even a moment that there is a damn thing they can do to stop us, and we don't suger coat it. Its our way or the highway now.

Like a gun, political power is a dangerous thing, and not owning any will not protect you from it. We'll take political power away from the collectivists as best we are able and by whatever means neccessary. You attack the system with activism. In the end, Individualism wins, Collectivism looses.