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They've got a specific

They've got a specific rigamarole they use in the UK, tailored to the remnant of the Soviet-sponsored left wing that developed there during the 60's. That sort of garbage didn't really take hold here the way it did there. We had some, they had loads, and some of them managed to indoctrinate fellow travelers along the way. Combine that with a sizeable Muslim minority (again, something we don't have here) and it adds up to a bunch of fringe nutcases who can enter their country with little to no scrutiny - with no other aim but to soak up benefits, and maybe one day kill some English for Allah.

I've no patience for religious fanatics of any sort, and the Muslims are the worst of the lot. The Christian far right in the USA is pretty terrible, but then compare them to Muslim moderates and you come away thinking "eh, we could have had worse." At least our religious fanatics pretend to like the rule of law.