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Comment: and Ben's *new* career could launch with....

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and Ben's *new* career could launch with....

...questions like "did those 1.6 gallon pressure cookers fit in the already-convicted Boston bombers bags?" .... And .... "why is Obama attempting to overthrow a democratically elected government in Syria" ... And .... "why are our young soldiers being sent to fight side by side with Al Queada and the Muslim Brotherhood against the people of Libya who we dropped 10,000 bombs on and did regime change and stole their wealth and gave them a central bank controlled by fraudsters and extortionists?"

See, if we just let the Benghazi thing go, like we let the bank bailouts go and the housing collapse; regardless of the personality....nothing will change.

I'm rooting for Ben, but I hate the criminals and I want them brought to justice even more!