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That website is allegedly owned by a 'Ken Williams'

Allegedly, he lives in Centreville, VA (neighbouring Langley, VA, location of CIA HQ,) and is ~18-years-old ( .) That doesn't sound spooky, but it probably would help to explain his poor grammar, populated with hilarious - and most times immediate - contradictions and ridiculous sentence structure.

It's interesting he tries to anonymize and hide ownership of the domain behind ( ,) yet only a year ago was posting at various “related” websites, using his “real name” ( ,) and a screen name 'kenw232' ( .)

The only Ken Williams' I could find, who live in Centerville, VA, are, 45, 52, and 61, not ~18 ( .) So he's either ~18, and not in any public database, or he's not ~18, instead he's one of those other Ken Williams'. If he isn't ~18, but lying about his age, what else is he lying about? Or he isn't any 'Ken Williams'.

Considering the “evidence” and ramblings at his website and elsewhere, I'd say he's a teen who has mental problems, likely paranoid schizophrenia.

Speculation: If he is a teen, and isn't mentally ill, and if his location [near CIA HQ] is correct, perhaps his parents are CIA and he's somehow trying to immitate, or he's doing a CIA internship (sort of like Anderson Cooper's past) and this is some kind of (dis)information warfare project?

Either way, if you look at the website, it's glaringly obvious he doesn't have any evidence. He has essentially paranoid ramblings. Quite convincing ramblings, I must say, aside from the abundantly poor grammar and ridiculous sentence structure. But he has screen captures and “references” from Hollywood movies! It must be true.

Ken Williams: I'm the author of dataasylum. Your right about what you said. those comments and thoughts the family members are having are not they're own thoughts, thats the problem. its kinda like a paradox. unfortunately most people in your (and my) family are far too stupid to understand whats happening. although if you showed them my web site it might make it clear. not sure, I never bothered to show anyone close to me. they're all zombies.
Apr 20, 2012

He sounds sane and totally trustworthy!