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Comment: I can only but thank the true American legacy.

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I can only but thank the true American legacy.

Thoreau once said:

"There are thousands striking at the branches of evil for one striking at the roots."

Guess what, American people.

I have no intent to claim or stay alone defending this argument which I do know is revolutionary.

I won't cease to seek for others joining in the effort of making "public debt" not only unconstitutional but also, FIRST AND FOREMOST, strictly irrelevant, NONSENSICAL.

To be recognized as what it is: AN ABSURD OXYMORON which ought to have never been written in any legal document OF THIS COUNTRY, after the 13th Amendment.

We were suspicious already about the 14th.

On this end, all the remaining doubts HAVE SIMPLY VANISHED, if only because of that section 4, and that sentence, that compound noun.

The first, and most powerful betrayal of language against the Constitution. MANY OTHERS have followed.


So, let's put it that way, let's prepare ourselves to make the point IN NO-BRAINER SPEAK for others to hear and ponder on "public debt":

Can we speak of "righteous theft"?

Can we speak of "loving rape"?

Can we speak of "truthful lie"?

Can we speak of "fair injustice"?



I cannot speak of "public debt".

YOU cannot speak of "public debt".

WE CANNOT any longer.

WE are connecting the dots.

WE are standing on the shoulders of giants of liberty:

the founding fathers, Thoreau, Bastiat, and now Ron Paul.

WE ARE NOT going to let liberty die.

WE ARE NOT going to let the ideals for a Republic of freedom, peace, and prosperity be thrown to the trash.

I, for one, WILL NOT.


"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius