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<$1k only

Hey guys

I'm from Rep. Simpson's hometown of Longview, and I'm a big fan of his for many reasons.

I worked in the industry for a gold dealer here in Austin. The only time sales tax was required to begin with was on purchases of less than 1k. If you purchased more than that, sales tax 8.25% didn't apply anyway.

I sold to clients nationwide, now I consult. Texas was the only state that required me to charge sales tax, and this seems to bring Texas in line with every other state in that respect.

So this is a nominal win if you routinely purchase less than 1k and live in TX. The only thing is, you need to purchase around 3k to save enough cash to buy one silver coin.

Still a big fan of the good David Simpson, representin' East TX! I would say the next real item on the agenda would be for gold and silver to be made legal tender in TX......we need to bring the good Doctors Paul for that one.


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