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My response to the video

It made me let out a chuckle at the end when the man declared that the judge had abandoned ship and that he was now the sovereign and he dismissed his own case.

It also make me wonder if there is currently a warrant out for his arrest for failing to appear, or whether he has been handcuffed and dragged into court with a state-provided defense so that cannon law "justice" may be swiftly executed.

Do you know the outcome?

I also think this is interesting. It is more of Bill Cooper and mystery babylon. In this segment he refers to when Cannon Law was created and attributed the creation to some secret society. I can't remember details, but there was other stuff in this segment having to do with stuff you are interested in. I wish I could remember the exact details and words, but I am getting ready to do bookwork now, if I can stay awake. I am still tired from yesterday.

Here is the Bill Cooper audio if you want to listen to it:

(it is from this website and is #47 9-Mar-93 Mystery Babylon #14)