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Comment: This is actually the only thing I disagree with Ron Paul on.

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This is actually the only thing I disagree with Ron Paul on.

From the down voting of this thread I suspect my words will not be very well received, but that never stopped me so here goes! :)

I also believe in tariffs. OMG I said it.
I believe them to be a useful tool against tyranny and it is a collective way of voting with our wallets (while preserving our individuality and at no expense to the tax payer because it would sustain its own cost) for or against countries we wish to support or not support based on how free the citizens of the country that wants to do the selling in fact are. Why should we allow two countries to sell their products in our country (property) if one of those countries has a Libertarian government (bare with me) and the other is run by a dictator who has theoretically enslaved the people to produce the same product at half the price because there were no costs for paying wages?

I am a firm believer in personal responsibility and I know that in a perfect world, everyone would be very informed and make all the right buying choices and there would not be a need for tariffs arguably, but can anyone really claim to be able to do that with literally millions of products to chose from? Isn't one of the reasons we defend small government over anarchy the fact that some functions are understandably way over the individuality of any one Man, like nuclear weapons for example?

I also believe that a country following a free market economy in the present times would be very vulnerable to the rest of the world globalist movement teaming up on it, with the objective of attacking the mentioned economy in order to "prove" our Liberty based ideology wrong. One of the ways to calm them down would be thru tariffs.

One more thing.. tariffs equal less or no taxes paid directly by the citizens in to the small government that most of us agree should exist. Anyone purchasing products from countries that are not in line with the Liberty Movement, will in fact end up supporting it in by paying a higher price for the product and thus supporting the cost of the small government.

Tariffs with clear simple rules that every country can understand are a win and until something else clicks that I may be missing, this is where I stand today.

I try to change people every day. Do You?