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In Addition

Although I agree that multinationals sent jobs overseas to exploit slave labor, I don't agree that the exploitation is such that these people occupying those jobs see it as such.

The reason that corporations sent jobs overseas was to rid themselves of the tax burden imposed upon them here in Amerika. Raising the tariff rate will only impose heavy costs that would end up being passed along to the consumer in higher product prices, or possibly lower wages for employees.

American's would enjoy higher standards of living if minimum wage laws were abolished as well. With wages set by the freemarket employers could necessarily hire those people looking to accept a lower pay rate and reduce the overall burden to their bottomline. And lower costs of manufacturing in America would only come about by decreasing the startup cost of business, be they small or large. With more capitol to work from businesses could either employ more people or look to other areas to improve sales or purchase new equipment to increase production.

Alot can be said to help produce jobs here in America, but it only comes about when government stays out of the way.

If you expect to change a law to create jobs here it only shows that you depend upon the "State" to lift the country out of economic turmoil. As we have seen over the years that is not the case, no matter how many laws are passed. And to continue to aid and abet the "State" in the hopes of arriving at a acceptable conclusion is just what politicians want.

Madness is the act of performing the same process continuously and expecting a different outcome.