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My friend and co-worker Bill Foust was shot and killed by a lone gunman with a badge.

I don't know the outcome of the video where the judge declares a recess (an offer?) and runs away, and then the Free Man declares the case having been dismissed.

I want to start a new topic on this because there are so many loose ends being tied up in my view with these reports concerning these Man-Made-Laws.

Before I begin all that work to get this all together on the web sites that I work on, here, and my own Blog and Forum, I want to tell you about the most significant thing I discovered, the thing that makes the most sense, the thing that ties up the most loose ends, like trying to untangle a wad of string, or a long extension cord, that has been tangled up severely, and this thing unravels a big mess of tangling.

One tangled string in the tangled mess had to do with the concept of Honor among Thieves, or how those bad guys manage to access the power of cooperation when they are as rotten as rotten can get, how do they keep from cutting each other's throats long enough to combine their power voluntarily, and effectively, and therefore their combined power is much greater than their separated power?

The other tangled string, which is part of that Honor among Thieves String above, has to do with the belief the bad guys have in the right of what they are doing, since no human being can be propelled into actions that are wrong when it is their own power of will that is the source of propulsion. In other words, what is the trick that tricks these bad people into being bad people? What is the carrot and stick that these bad people see, when they then set about to do the bad things that they do?

Black Magic.

That is an absurd two words placed together, and anyone who hears those two words will be someone affected by those two words, in such a way as to constitute a measurable affect upon that person who hears those two words.

Imagine, for example, my wife and I at a Real Estate Financing meeting, and it is a huge table, and it is in Las Vegas, and it is hosted by a person who is gaining a huge Federal Government Contract, and the idea for the meeting is to gather all the Real Estate people together into one room, and to transfer information concerning what will be in our future of Real Estate.

This really happened by the way.

So I raise my hand at one point and I ask a question about the Interest Rate, so as to then establish Standing, so to speak, or in other words I am trying to figure out how much anyone in this room actually knows about our current situation in this thing we call our Country, and the answer confesses what I call Absolute Abject Belief in Falsehood Without Question.

I know that interest rate is determined by 12 People on the Federal Reserve Board, as they manipulate their POWER to add or subtract Legal Units of Purchasing Power into circulation, you know this, by now, as that group of people, those 12 people, more or less, the actual people pulling the strings, can write themselves a check for as much Legal Purchasing Power as everyone else combined, on a whim, when they please, without being held to account for what they are buying, which then affects the interest rate, and there are other ways that they can affect the interest rate, for sure, like paying Banks to hold money, as told by Gary North.

The answer I got was something along the lines of "we don't know," and something along the lines of "no one knows." and something along the lines of "what a silly question," and something along the lines of "no one can ever know," and something along the lines of "we can't ask such questions, so shut up, and get back to work, we have work to do, and we have taxes to pay."

Where does that period go at the end of that sentence?

So, as you can see, it would not be a good time to respond to the answer I got at the meeting with comments that include the two words previously mentioned.

Black Magic.

My wife governs my behavior in ways that I appreciate, even if I don't understand all the powers that are at play. I did not press the point, and my wife no longer takes me to Real Estate meetings; but my wife is listening to me, still, so some battles are hard to score accurately.

So the new reports I've discovered offer this new piece of the puzzle and this piece of the puzzle unravels a lot of the tangling in the tangled web of deceit, does it not?

The "Judge" may call a recess, because that "Judge" may be ignorant, or because that "Judge" may not be ignorant, and so that "Judge" may find the next step to be taken by accessing the sources of information required to go the direction which results in the further injury done to the targeted victim, or "defendant," or "subject," or human being made into a thing, and so the "higher authority" ends up being what?

Black Magic.

What is the source of POWER used to make Black Magic more powerful?

More powerful than what?

So the "Judge" moves from Uniform Commercial Code into Admiralty Law and then, if that is still not "good enough" to extract the power out of the targeted victim, then the "Judge" moves into Black Magic?

Talmudic or Noehide Law?


Are you on Crack?

Who dreams up this crap?

Excuse the word crap, please.

Please excuse my error?

I am rambling some here, so please excuse my liberal use of language, but there is a whole lot to these recent discoveries that may interest you, and I can use some help. I know that you are busy, and I don't want to add to your work load, I don't want to tax you.

So the "Judge" goes out, and confers with the rules governing Talmudic, and Noehide Law, and returns to see if the individual "Judge" can overpower the targeted victim, and sentence the targeted victim to death?


Who is being serious?

Remember, my friend, and co-worker, was shot by a lone gunman, shot dead, and the lone gunman wore a badge.

The "Judge" may extract power from the targeted victim, the free man, at the lower level, the level called Uniform Commercial Code, and if the "Judge" cannot extract power from the targeted victim at that level, because the Targeted victim follows the rules of Uniform Commercial Code, then the "Judge" calls recess, goes and finds the "authority" to proceed into Maritime or Admiralty Law, and then returns to court, if that individual "Judge" gains that authority, or takes that authority, which is risky for that "Judge".


That is the point, I keep returning to, the point at which the POWER struggle is explained in terms that make sense.

If the "Judge" does not return to then try to extract power from the free man, or the free woman, who establishes Standing in Uniform Commercial Code, then the "Judge" risks having his power stripped, if the "Judge" moves into Maritime or Admiralty Law, so the free man, or the free woman, may, at that time, win, and remain free from harm at the hands of these people who may, or may not, know that they are part of a Cult who worship the Devil, and who have Black Magic as the source of their power.

I don't know if Black Magic is an actual source of power, but it makes sense that the "Judge" risks having his Gravy Train derailed by free people who act like free people.

I've read that "Judges" are paid a percentage of the money they extract from their targets when the targets pay fines.

Is that true?

So, moving on one more time, to repeat what bears repeating, the "Judge" who fails to extract power from the target when the target follows the rules, establishing Standing in Uniform Commercial Code Law, then the "Judge" calls a "recess", and the target fails to disagree with that offer to "call recess," where that free man fails to reject the offer to call "recess," and where the "Judge" returns with a Maritime or Admiralty Law rule book, and authority, and power, and jurisdiction, and then the free man, or free women re-establishes Standing, according to those rules, then the "Judge" may try to then up the ante, risk his own power, by calling another "recess," which is yet again another offer [?], which then sends the "Judge" out to get permission, authority, or jurisdiction, to then return with that power to execute Talmudic, Noehide, Black Magic, Devil Worship Law, and if the free person still establishes Standing the "Judge" has to pay the price?


What would the "Judge" have to pay the price if all the target does is speak the truth, and go by the same rules in place, the same rules that are used by the "Judge"?

The answer appears to be, as astonishing as this may seem, to you, to me, to anyone, the answer appears to be that the Cult in question actually believe that their power comes from The Devil, and so they follow, religiously, their Devil Worshiping rules, which include the rule that says if the targets follow the rules, then the targets cannot be punished, and if the targets don't follow the rules, including the "Judges," then the targets can be punished.

If that does not make sense to you, I can try to iron out the wrinkles.

It makes (almost) perfect sense to me.

Thanks for the opportunity to work this out in English, I have a few other places to put these types of words down, as an offer to anyone caring to listen to a competitive viewpoint.

I won't spend time editing this at this time.