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I studied, on my own, about nutrition, as a practicing general surgeon. While vitamins A,E,D, and K are oil soluble and able to reach toxic levels, the others are just eliminated when not needed. Metals like selenium and magnesium, manganese (trace minerals) could also become toxic.

Could all of these toxins be adding together in our bodies to slowly decrease our life span?

When we ingest toxins, I had a theory that they were taking place of the vitamins in the form of co-enzymes (one of the vitamins' functions). One of those would be all of the phosphodiesterase enzymes that affect everything, right down to DNA repair! That means, cancer might be prevented by proper vitamin intake!?

It is just theory, though. Never got to do the animal research I wanted to. Maybe I should get a grant! I am over-educated for most jobs. But this would be right down my alley! Right now, I am sitting on my duff, disabled by a spinal nerve injury called cauda equina syndrome, after my tree stand broke, resulting in a severe L-2 compression fracture. I could go back and write my paper for my masters and get my PhD. I already have 17yrs of post high school education with a BA in biological sciences, completed zoology graduate school, and MD and past board certified general surgeon! Plus, I am a Fellow of the American Academy of Pain Management!(certified by them, as well)

Vitamins and good nutrition, were suggested to every patient I counseled!