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Comment: Uhhh

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Guy, you mentioned me by name. That kinda makes it response worthy for me.

It's like you feel obligated to defend yourself because if you are not part of military intelligence the easier way is to just not respond because my remarks wouldn't be directed at you.

Or it could be because I like beating you with a stick in the verbal banter game. Or let me rephrase your arguments, "You should ignore me even though I'm talking all sorts of crap, because if you engage and refute me you're really just proving my point."

Yeah, no thanks there guy.

You either like wasting time or you are on OT.

Still waiting on my check for my services rendered. I'll go check the mail again after noon.

Anyways I was serious about my remarks to military intelligence so whether or not I ABSOLUTELY believe you are cointelpro it's all good.

Not a problem. This obviously isn't a childish schoolyard method of making a point, but sure!

We are brothers nonetheless. Have a good day and take care.

Kum ba yah my lord... kum ba yah!

Eric Hoffer