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The thing

that makes it shady is that it sounds like a randomly made up domain name for some purpose other than legitimate content.

For example, if I wanted to infect many DP user's computers with a virus I would probably slip in an Active X exploit or maybe something with Flash. Then I'd post a link to some made up news story, but I'd have to register a domain, so I might make up something like which would cost only a few dollars, instead of thousands or millions of dollars for a quality name like say Many DPers would click my link and because many would have vulnerable systems they would get a virus. That simple.

I'm not saying your link is problematic. I'm saying how it appears.

Last, spare me the "noob" talk. This is a newer account but I've been around the Daily Paul far longer, and found out about Dr. Paul in his 07/08 run. I'm also pretty sure I know more about web development than you since it's what I do professionally.