Comment: Of course they are

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Of course they are

These hate Groups that SPLC loves to wave in everyones face to demonize all conservative groups are always funded and operated by FBI/BATFE, etc and their informants.

Ruby Ridge happened because Randy Weaver would not be a CI for the FBI. The white hate group at Elohim city, connected to OKC, had several federal police agency informants. Every meeting at Elohim city had more informants than not.

Every terror plot that the FBI has prevented in the past 5 years has been developed and operated by an FBI informant.

The justice department has always, not recently, not last 30 years, but always, been used for political muscle and espionage.

Of course the hate groups will pass judgement on anyone that actually stands for Liberty. We want Liberty for everyone not just Darwin's most favored races.


Liberty = Responsibility