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If we protect US business it

If we protect US business it will become just weak enough to survive with that protection. Protecting business weakens it. Eventually the protection is too expensive and most of it dies. A small fraction can hang on via permanent taxpayer funded life-support but will produce an inferior product in perpetuity, at least until the taxpayer gets sick of it.

NAFTA, GATT, et all are bad because they are not free market. They give special privileges to corporations to do business while excluding the rest. That's fascism.

Corporations are not people, but they are comprised from people. Corporations have special privileges which should be removed. However the people in those corporations should neither have their rights infringed.

Citizen's United merely gives the people in corporations and unions (which are corporations) the same rights to act collectively as a rich individual. This should please you.

Taxing and regulating corporations simply secures their monopoly positions by making it almost impossible for new entry.

Why does Walmart own so much of the retail market? Because of boneheaded schemes of the people that hate walmart so much.

The corporations use you to create the world they want. You are their footsoldier, everything you call for helps them. They need you to be confused.

You want to destroy their monopolies and cartels? Remove their privilege. And to do this you need to learn the difference between rights and privilege.

You want to destroy their monopolies and cartels? Remove the tax, regulatory, and licensing hurdles which prevent competition with them.

You want to destroy their monopolies and cartels? Learn economics. Read Hazlitt.