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That is already covered in

That is already covered in the scenario. The advantages in production are AFTER ALL EXPENSES ARE ACCOUNTED FOR(including transport). Efficient transportation is one of the reasons that the advantage exists, lol.

Which brings up a good point: China is SO MUCH BETTER at making shirts, they can cover the cost of transportation!!! With that kind of advantage, maybe we shouldn't try to "save" American shirt makers from American shirt buyers after all. Maybe, just maybe, the money the shirt buyers save can be used to entice the (former) American shirt makers into the American oil industry?.. Or maybe the Chinese would like to use the dollars they receive on American exports.... Or, if there are no American exports to use their dollars on, then the'll eventually stop selling us shirts. Either way problem solved, and YOU don't have to pay $30 for a $10 shirt, and YOU will still have the money YOU saved, or what ever product/service you spend the savings on) by buying the Chinese made shirt.

Better yet, Maybe you can invest the savings toward increasing efficiency of the American shirt maker.

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