Comment: But the Pouts are the Pudding

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But the Pouts are the Pudding

Rand has explained every case pretty well in ways that show more savvy than consistency.

A genuine concern many people had about a Ron Paul Presidency is that he has a proven ability to be right, but a proven inability to get anything done. That's excellent for a philosopher, but poor for a politician.

Rand is now showing that, from our current point, he has views consistently in the range of the right direction to be heading. He is also proving that he can garner boatloads of attention and affect change with it. He is creating a libertarian bully pulpit without even being the President yet.

That is why people feel he's a strong contender. Ron Paul was right. Rand Paul is mostly right. Ron Paul was a great teacher. Rand Paul is a great communicator. Ron Paul could not change the course of legislative action. Rand Paul is incredibly capable of affecting legislative action. Ron Paul was well noted as perfectly consistent and perfectly correct, but largely ignored as a loose cannon (when he was really the needle on a compass that the GOP swung around wildly). Rand Paul is credited with that excellent record at a time when it's most relevant, making him a party star until the party shifts away from him.

We need to make him President to keep the GOP from shifting back to the middle, away from him. If the GOP leaves Rand, he will become just like Ron.