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And one more thing...

I don't know if you were around for Ron Paul's '07/08 presidential run, but back then we were BEGGING for shows like Glen Beck or Hannity (it was Hannity and Combs back then) to cover him.

Our numbers were so small and we had no way to get Dr. Paul's message to a wider audience, so we NEEDED MSM coverage. It still DOESN'T hurt.

You may not know that Glenn Beck was actually threatened to the point he had to ask Ron Paul to view (off air) and comment on messages he received. Ron Paul responded he believed in the peaceful teachings of Martin Luther King Jr. and Ghandi, for example, and at the end GB asked if he felt he got fair coverage in the interview he said yes.

Sean Hannity got snowballs (and almost rocks) thrown at him by Ron Paul supporters at one event.

So YES MSM coverage DOES serve a purpose. Although I also understand what you're trying to warn about.