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.....a LOT of guitarists of various ages ranges can play some form of "Eruption". I say "some form" because 99% of all those guitarists (including this girl) play "Eruption" inaccurately, rather than note-for-note. I am a Rock guitarist myself with Eddie Van Halen being a huge influence, so I am able to play a LOT of Van Halen licks, including MY own version of "Eruption". I took it a step further; I taught myself how to play the two-handed-tapping part with my hands over the topic of the neck....only for the sake of providing a cool visual spectacle.

Aside from EVH himself, the only OTHER play who can play it note-for-note is super-guitarist Dweezil Zappa. But the Dweeze had one "slight" advantage; EVH himself taught Dweezil how to play it.

Given the fact that so many OTHER people CAN play some version of this piece, I am quite surprised that this particular girl is starting to become an internet sensation of sorts. There is tons of young guitar talent on Youtube, so....why HER? Just an open-ended question...because it is what it is. On the BRIGHT side, if her talent can inspire others, that would indeed be a PLUS...for music is the universal language.

Robby Lane