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Yes, I agree, it's sad RP chose to use the courts

I think it's sad, that RP didn't make a reasonable offer for a PRODUCT that benefited him FOR FREE for years, and expected those who WORKED HARD FOR HIM, to hand it over because it had his name. There are like 14 Ron Paul's in the USA.

As far as I'm concerned, HIS STAFF let him down and he let himself down by not creating the site.

Ron Paul profitted off He didn't pay them.

I agree, it would have been AWESOME if Ron Paul had taken this as an opportunity to show his supporters how to barter, or employ the FREE MARKET in IPs.. instead, he chose to go to court. I have read reams about how BAD the Ron people are.. and as a CAPITALIST, I don't but that.

YES, WE ARE WORTHY and that's MY POINT. This rEVOLution/Liberty Movement has been inudated with HARD WORKING supporters who gave everything!!!! We always said THIS IS BIGGER THAN RON PAUL. IT IS!!

What did we get? I got to sign a flippin oath to the GOP and bound to Robamey. Think that was a victory? I got to eat ramen and fight newspaper editors and sit with Neocons.. and it cost a lot. Yeah, I appreciate the campaign writing me a THANK YOU. It's the most expensive THANK you I've ever bought.

I'm hapopy to see Ron Paul supporters win something in all this.

We need to be supportive of each other.. WE ARE THE FUTURE.

So, think Ron Paul is still interested and will make a decent offer? I HOPE SO.