Comment: One thing i dont like about Dr. Paul...

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One thing i dont like about Dr. Paul...

I have heard him allude to the domains before, along with the selling of Ron Paul memorabilia and the like. His references have been vague and fleeting, but the doctor clearly doesn't like people making money of his name or likeness.

It rarely comes up in interviews, but more recently, Dr. Paul spoke with Kurt Wallace:

At the end of the interview, Wallace makes reference to a silver coin being produced by the Mulligan Mint with Dr. Paul's likeness on it, to which the Congressman has an interesting response, when considered in light of the domain dispute.

I think we'd all be peeved by people profiting off of our names, particularly without permission or fair compensation. But it's still strikes me as somewhat hypocritical to demand market solutions for everything else besides intellectual property. If a customer is truly buying a product from you, and intends to support your business, isn't it in their interest to from your store or authorized vendor? Perhaps this is why Dr. Paul made the point that he IS NOT AN ANARCHO-CAPITALIST at Oberlin College. The question is, why draw the line at intellectual property, and not say, anti-trust measures? It comes off as a legal system slanted towards business rather than the consumer

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