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You're welcome, of course.

You're welcome, of course.

This letter was very easy to put together. Just let your eyes and hearts speak, people.

In my understanding/guess most people write to their officials on specific, local issues of their states or counties.

Which is quite normal and expected, after all.

But we're living greatly unusual and hazardous times, IMO, and I'm afraid it's now time, before too late, that we, you, the People, write them more often ALSO on the big picture.

Write them about the veil over so many ugly, infamous deceptions you are now well aware of, or at least most suspicious about, just by looking at the new plunder and degradation of living that you suffer daily.

For, the very foundations of this country are now being attacked.

Daily. Hourly. For years already, if not decades, since 1990.

TELL them you are not willing to surrender on the rest of your liberty, after your republic, now already gone for most of it.

SHOW them they DO NOT know better. Not better than you do, anyway.

BE firm, be harsh if necessary, be unforgiving: serve them the truth that YOU can see.

DEMAND them to recall themselves to their oaths.

That should be ENOUGH for you, already, America.

If you claim to love freedom, YOU MUST remind them about what you are willing to call "freedom" and ONLY that which is WORTH OF THE NAME.

The time to pretend is over.



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