Comment: You are Right Depending on What You Mean by

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You are Right Depending on What You Mean by

"Conservative" and "Libertarian".

Limited-Government Conservatives are indeed a spectrum that can be blended rather smoothly with Minarchist Libertarians under the right framework.

Big government conservatives are more succinctly described as "fascists." There can be no holding hands with them, they must be either gently converted or forcefully opposed.

Anarchist libertarians are basically not compatible with any other political philosophy, including minarchist libertarians. I think that is where a lot of the negative energy toward your premise is coming from. They are right within their framework, but is their framework right?

If you think about what a limited-government conservative is, basically a constitutionalist, they want certain recognized rights to be listed and honored as areas of life that are outside the purview of government. They say "here is a Bill of Rights, these things are not subject to majority vote." And the more things you put on that list, the closer your government looks to a minarchist libertarian one. At some point you just say, "Instead of listing all the things the government can't do, here is what they can do and nothing else.....then you give the NAP or something similar. It IS a spectrum and therefore limited government conservatives are indeed natural allies in the right framework.

The right framework is Localism, where political and governmental power are decentralized. The federal government does not even have all the tools it needs to enforce the NAP without assistance from the states, who may rely on help from their counties. And maybe 20 states go "full libertarian" and 20 more are various stages of limited government conservative. The rest still try to flail away at some sort of socialism, but without OPM it does not last long and reality forces them to become one of the other two.

Localism, A Philosophy of Government

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