Comment: I took it as a VERY good sign...

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I took it as a VERY good sign...

that she wasn't, actually, booed down.

In the past, these criminals like brzezenski and obombya (barry sortero) have blind minions supporting their agenda ready to pounce on any serious question to their authority.

I did not hear "much" of that yesterday. Why? The lady raised very serious concerns. Hunger strikes in the 100th day at guantanamo? Hard to heckle that down.

More issues to be raised in the future, I am sure. obombya WILL be held accountable. His place in history is secure beside stalin and hitler and he has to make RADICAL changes to avoid that now.

I don't think he will do it.

And, for the record, if he doesn't think I am right then tell him to ask what the country feels about lyndon johnson and BOTH bushes. No matter how "they" try to spin history TENS of MILLIONS of Americans hate them for what they did to destroy this country and that number will only grow.

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