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I agree. I'd bet in Rand's

I agree. I'd bet in Rand's heart, he's in total agreement with his dad but he also hears firsthand what his dad really thinks about what is coming. Ron caught our attention because of his integrity; he walked the walk. His son has been taught that as well. But when you know this country has only so much time to survive, if you know that being a purist is only going to result in complete failure because you didn't get enough people on board, it's better to compromise and hope that those who opposed you will see the light of day eventually. Ron said you can't beat others on the head to see the truth. It takes something personal sometimes for them to understand. The Associated Press is a good example. Look at all the deception they engaged in with Ron Paul's presidential media coverage, yet the day comes when the Obama administration blanket attacks a slew of reporters (regardless of political party) by stealing phone records (both personal and from work). Those that were completely in awe of Obama suddenly got whacked in the head. Their first amendment right of freedom of the press was violated. And not only that, these people go to work everyday like the rest of us. By going after their phone records and conversations on a personal nature, that absolutely crossed the line for them. They have families and knowing how intimidating this administration is, that puts their children, parents, and potential news sources at risk. So now we have a vital group of people starting to understand what we stand for because it now has personally affected them. We didn't have to bonk them on the head with it; they learned on their own. The AP is a great ally to have. Forgive past behavior because they didn't see it and welcome them to the fold. It's these types of things that will save this country. So I'm going to say Rand knows what he's doing. That's why the "Gang of Eight" is working so hard in concert with the Obama administration. They have obviously proven they are not with the American people. And anyone who goes along with their agenda is not working in our best interest. They know that Ron Paul and Rand aren't completely against finding a path to citizenship for illegal aliens. They just aren't for subsidizing them, putting them at the front of the line, nor giving them the right to vote. They know immigration changes will come about under Rand and they are jumping like mad to get their agenda done before Rand possibly takes the helm. They were the ones who were against Rand's filibuster on drones. They know what he stands for and if you listened to the 13-hour filibuster (I did), you'd know his dad has taught him well. I believe the people will win in the end. It's like all the scandals that are being investigated recently. You can't hide the truth from over 300,000,000 Americans. Those behind all this really think they can but when the people are on to them, the truth will come out. And with all these stories coming out recently, we should all feel encouraged.