Comment: I don't think it was said as interpreted

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I don't think it was said as interpreted

The sheriff put it kinda poorly but he was talking about budget cuts that effect his entire force. So the "you" here would be everyone in his county. Not just this one poor woman.

Now we HAVE heard of local fire departments burn because people didn't buy into their "coverage" up front. The outrage was palpable here a few years back as this one fire company showed up at a burning house, found the homeowner didn't buy their coverage so they watched the house burn down to the foundation. But again, this seems not to be the case here.

As to the dispatcher...well a dispatcher starts out as a civilian with a good phone voice. They generally aren't trained crisis responders themselves. Their main job is to gather info and direct an officer to you. But in this situation it kinda seems like WHAT ARE YOUR OPTIONS FOR ESCAPE? would have been more pertinent.

"When seconds count the cops are minutes away" is here modified to "you won't see a cop when it counts".

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