Comment: I think I could deal with

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I think I could deal with

the economic retards (far left) that at least don't advocate the murdering of brown people far easier than I can wrap my head around those so-called conservatives that love killing brown people but are not so much okay with too much theft (taxes). They think theft by government is okay, just not too much of it. Those 'Tea Party' types also think they should be able to define marriage (partnerships) for everybody, restrict people choice of what they want to ingest, prohibit certain types of human affection, force their interpretation of their religious book's definition of when life begins on everybody (convicting and condemning only one of the two 'guilty' parties involved in the so-called murder), and so forth.

But I am really trying to be more tolerant of all of them and be an honest, open-minded, and principled person so that they will listen to my ideas.