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Comment: How sad

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How sad

Judging from the comments in the article, the sheriff is very constitutionally minded, and the people of the county voted for budget cuts. There are so many potential things that may have gone wrong:

1) Cuts to the police force, which prompted there being no police force over the weekend. Wasn't there a far better way to handle that cut, like having police strictly on-call all week so that they only respond to emergencies?

2) The city. Wasn't there another thing they could have cut, something more frivolous or wasteful?

3) The woman. She had been attacked by this man before, and she lives in a Republican county. Does she have a good reason for not preparing to defend herself? (Poverty, mental or emotional issues, past record which prevents her from getting a gun, etc)

4) Inflation. Is the inflation factor so severe that even with the best, least corrupt and wisest efforts of the local government there, there was no avoiding this scenario?

Of course, corruption is always a possibility on any of those levels.

Hopefully, this scenario will inspire people to fix any corruption or other flaws in their local government AND take responsibility for themselves.

"Moderation in temper is always a virtue; but moderation in principle is always a vice." -- Thomas Paine