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Not as hard as you'd think!

Having run the gamut of every diet plan to date, I've got to say that the act of just eliminating ONE food from my daily diet is the easiest and most productive plan I've ever experienced. It's easy because you don't feel like you are being deprived of calories or of a variety in food choice.
I gave up wheat about 9 months ago and lost 40 pounds within 3 months, with no exercise whatsoever. After the first week - 10 days, the cravings stop because you're not feeding the addiction any longer. The benefits in addition to the weight loss, include vastly improved sleep, far less brain fog, no more high blood pressure, NO MORE heartburn (!!) and freedom from counting calories, measuring portions, and following a regimen. I've commented to friends that eating a wheat-free diet is so easy that I almost feel guilty, because I'm not having to "suffer" to see good results.

Similar results have proved out with others in my family, also. My brother-in-law was curious, and impressed with my results and he & my sister both gave up wheat in January. This was a big step for him, as he is really a "sandwich" kind of guy, and has to eat out often with his job. He hasn't given up beer, but instead chooses imported European brews which don't use the GMO semi-dwarf wheat. Even with this compromise of continuing to drink beer, he has lost 22 lbs. in the past 4 months and is back to his high school weight. He mentions how much better his arthritis is now, and how that has improved his golf game. My sister has lost 18 lbs. and her constant migraines have nearly been eliminated. They both agree that this "life style change" is MUCH easier to stick with than any "diet" they've attempted in the past.

For me, it's simply not something I think about anymore. It has just become a fact of life....I don't eat wheat...and my quality of life and health has improved immensely!