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Comment: To reiterate what Chessienut

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To reiterate what Chessienut

To reiterate what Chessienut at said below, think hard about that donor card. If you read about the procedure, they sometimes keep people on life support for hours. They harvest the organs while people are still hooked up on life support, My brother had a massive brain stem stroke; his chances of recovering to full function was small and he had specifically said that he did not want to be on life support. However, there are cases of "locked in syndrome" were comatose people can hear and think. If there was only one in a million chance of my brother being aware while sitting in a hallway somewhere waiting to be carved up - hell no! So his wife and I stood our ground and did not let him be wheeled away even though he had signed the donor card,

Most people are not aware of the procedure, And as Chessie's story proves, doctor can be wrong and supposedly hopeless people do recover.