Comment: The first dentist wasn't necessarily wrong.

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The first dentist wasn't necessarily wrong.

Often times there isn't only one diagnosis or solution. It is up to the clinician's and patient's judgment.

That would be like saying "well the mechanic told me I needed to change my tires because they are dangerous, but 5 years later they are still there without incident." Changing the tires wasn't necessarily unneeded as long as that was the mechanics honest assessment. The prognosis is often uncertain, which is why judgment comes into play and robots don't do the dental work. If he knew the tires were fine but did it just to make a profit that is unethical.

OP called them "evil dentists." Natural News is the biggest anti-mainstream medicine site on the internet, and he often makes sweeping accusations and insults like this, so it is highly likely in my opinion that OP is a regular reader.