Comment: Beat me to it :)

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Beat me to it :)

I was just reading about this "Always Listening" feature. So not only is it looking and scanning your home interior, it's also got a microphone that's always on and listening to every word you say in your home.

So, this "game console" can get a 3D scan of anyone in its sights, recording their posture and movement characteristics, it can listen and record your voice patterns and anyone else in the room along with you.

I actually read that it WILL require an internet connection once per day. Not sure what the user consequence is for not having that connection, which could potentially force the user to keep it always connected to avoid some sort of hassle.

They make you think they'll implant you with tracking chips, while we ARE walking around with them in our phones. They make you think that the surveillance state will be watching your every move, while they sell you "gaming consoles" that WILL do far more.

Let's not freak out folks. Let's take this as a learning opportunity and further educate ourselves and those close to us.

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