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Mass & Media.

+1. Just a decade back media used to be called "mass-media", - nowadays the trend in for short forms, e.g. citi-bank, instead of First National City Bank.

Yes, the word "mass" is related to the Church, a place of assembly.
Mass: noun, 4. a considerable assemblage, number, or quantity:
adjective, 11. pertaining to, involving, or affecting a large number of people:
noun, 1. the celebration of the Eucharist.

Modern journalism was started in Venice, Italy, by a vagabond & black-mailer, who distributed 'news'-letters, = the printing press helped in making cheap copies, = for the market & masses. He was in the pay of banking houses who wanted to by-pass Christian Canon Law that disallowed usury. Pietro's paper was a threat to the clergy. Seduction, blackmail & threats were used to compromise /dilute the law. I was unable to do a proper search for his name, I do not have the right spelling,= Pietro Artemo, with strong links to Medici family, re church elders & bankers.