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Boneless Chicken Farmer, I

Boneless Chicken Farmer, I know it is hard to reply to every single post you disagree with but I would at least urge you to read a little slower, perhaps you won't miss some points others have tried to make. For instance, I did mention that most of the information is free, as in it cost me nothing(except internet costs), as I watched most through youtube while taking notes. While I do appreciate a reference for Westlaw, a quick search of their business doesn't suit me personally so I'll stick with Black's Law Dictionary and Cornell Law or even The Avalon Project as references for now.
As for why no one can find "real" law supporting sovereign citizen "stuff" who knows? I think that is the real question. "But there is no legitimacy to this crap, which is why no one posted any proof." is just your assertion to that answer, but not necessarily the real answer. I know you are very frustrated with the sovereignty argument, and I think you've made your views abundantly clear with your posts here , , and here . If the conversation bothers you so much then why not really be done with it and leave it to those who want to discuss it without all the harassment? This is just a suggestion, but if you are intent on staying in the conversation perhaps you could treat others with a little more respect and less like people who are beneath your purported level of education? I did not attend law school to become a lawyer at law, but that does not mean that I cannot learn outside of a law school. That being said I can read the law and I can research it. For a very small example a quick search on United States and Corporation gave me this definition, amongst others, under the USC(15)“United States” means—(A)a Federal corporation
The scenario you fabricated about the "straw man fraud industry" getting on the DP to prevent you from revealing their ploy by suggesting they "all pile on and shout him down", is entertaining to say the least, but I can at least say on my behalf that your paranoia is unfounded. I did notice that most of your negative reception votes were from personal attacks on posters and less about the substance of your argument. You are the one who wants proof to the sovereignty issue working and that was what your previous posts called for, most others are still trying to find the truth to the matter. The people I posted as teachers are just jumping off points to get one started, but due diligence and research is required. Perhaps it will mean a lot more to you since you are formally educated at law. Again, I did not say that I believe everything they say, but it does seem to me that there is some truth to it all.
If there is something on Quatloos you would like for others to read please link it, I will read it. If you have videos of your ideas please link them, I will watch them (not Hello Kitty and Unicorns though), I get enough of that with my 3 yr old. If you have something worthwhile to sell, please advertise it, I may just purchase it. I bought a carbadge from RobHino! I have nothing against you personally and I believe your input to the discussion could be invaluable given your alleged expertise. I'm sure off the internet you have to show tact and respect for others, I think you should practice that here as well.
You may be interested to know, upon searching the DP, lots more discussion regarding sovereignty. I know I found a lot. I even found through a search on the internet what seems to be a letter regarding Michael Badnarik from Ron Paul . It never ceases to amaze me how much information is available on the internet(and mostly for free)!

"Liberty is the soul's right to breathe, and when it cannot take a long breath laws are girded too tight. Without liberty, man is a syncope." -Henry Ward Beecher