Comment: Awesome glad he stood his

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Awesome glad he stood his

Awesome glad he stood his ground! Remember you have the right to remain silent use it and never sign anything. They tried to intimidate him into signing a contract with them to hand over his guns. Most people cave as they just want to get out but when you sign anything you are agreeing to their terms and the judges authority to decide the case ANY WAY HE WANTS!

He has grounds for a suite as they can only hold you for 72 hours if you refuse to cooperate or sign their contracts. They count on most people not knowing this and if they do never doing anything about it.

This bullshit about giving his address and handing over his guns is just that. They knew his address why did they not just go and take his guns? Because they needed his permission! Remember If they ask for something its because they need your permission/cooperation. If they do not need it they won't bother asking they will just do it.

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