Comment: Howdy Bob.

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Howdy Bob.

Smudge Pot. Nice to meet you.

What if I told you not to sweat this one?

What if I told you I had my response before I even read your full post? And I'm sticking by it? Cause I like the way you used the word trap.

You use that word in conjunction with radical activism in DC and know what you get from me?

Attention. Cause you are right. I know more than most of us. DC is nothing less than a kill zone for ultra radical activism. You aren't the crazy voice, you are a rational voice.

So you scored a smudge point. That and $10,000 FRNs might get you a cup of coffee in the post economy. ;)

But how about if I told you not to sweat this one?

OK I'm gonna tell you now. Don't sweat this one bro. And now time will tell you if I am right.

There is nothing strange about having a bar of soap in your right pocket, it's just what's happening.