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I'll give him a chance

mindfull that any one of us who DOESN'T take our safety and the safety of the communities we operate in really shouldn't be taken seriously as a leader.

Adam's communications and actions recently don't speak of lack of insight or consideration. THESE ARE PRETTY FREAKING SERIOUS AND HEAVY QUESTIONS.

When I lead our people I'm hyper aware, it's on me, I don't sleep right until everybody is home safe. If I don't have the authority and ability to do so I don't take the job.

I been turning down more jobs lately. More now than ever. And some folks who know what I do have been asking what is my position or WHAT IS CHOWHOUND GONNA DO?

Nothing on this one as stated.

Not only that but nobody asked Chowhound to do anything.

Not only that but Adam knows Chowhound and if he wanted our help he would have asked for it.

Not only that but I TRUST ADAM AS A MAN. He's not stupid and he won't put lives at risk gratuitously.

Not only that but I trust our soldiers who support him for various reasons among which are these guys are soldiers. They protect the people. They don't make war on the people, it's not what they do. But cause them to reflect deeply on their lives, their commitments and their priorities, this is designed to do.


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