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whoa didn't even catch that

Cindy has worked with us and we with her at the street and coordination level several times and she worked with us not against us in the 2008 campaign.

To call Cindy Sheehan hateful....takes a bit of explaining but no way she has ever been hateful to us. And Casey is upheld in our ranks for who he was and what he was able to expose in his course of service. It is undignified for one of our ranks to call out hate in this regard.

Thanks for calling this out, this puts another spin on the situation.

Always remember as we do investigations and try to determine news and spin that THE TRUTH IS ALMOST ALWAYS STRANGER THAN THE FICTION. Fiction almost always involves simple answers for simple people that believe the first thing that makes intuitive sense.

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.