Comment: What a relief!

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What a relief!

I'm so glad for him. I have a lot more respect for him than I used to.

Although I think it's fine to have the July 4 March I hope that they will ask the feds if they can cross the line, that is , IF the FEDS don't tell them to stop first.

Adam has said that if they ask them to stop at the crossover line, that he will not cross that line. I hope Adam brings a bull horn and brings many quotes from our founding fathers and many other good pieces of information to holler at them.

Not all the police officers or deputies listening that day are bad people. Some are good including some FBI people. It is really unfortunate that Alex Jones has reported that a couple of the FBI agents of the Boston bombing have been killed during a training exercise today. They were young agents, and they were probably questioning things, IMO.

It was also very sad to hear that Tamerlan's innocent friend was killed by an FBI agent. He had gone back by himself without his buddy for one more "questioning", but I can tell you that there is NO WAY on earth that that boy would not have been frisked upon entering that building. Yet the report was that he attacked the FBI agent with a knife! Of course the FBI agent never had to go to the hospital. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure this out .