Comment: I Supported Ron Paul

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I Supported Ron Paul

when you were still in elementary school, and I was a journalist before you were ever born. I researched and set out my assertions, provided proof in the form of an interview, photographs, and video for this report.

What have you done for Liberty besides call me names? I've stood for Ron Paul and against Bush and Obama since 2007, putting out over a hundred videos in which I support 2nd Amendment rights and the Constitution.

I'M the one getting death threats from Liberal scumbags, MY children are being threatened with being burned to death in their beds, MY wife has been threratened to be gang-raped until she is dead by the Liberal pukes because I STAND FOR LIBERTY.

What have you done? Anybody threatening your family? For crying out loud, you don't even use your real name when you post, so why should I give a good hot damn about anything you have to say?


I'd take a bullet for Ron Paul.