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Its incredible how deep a

Its incredible how deep a bond there cam be between man and animal.

I had an Alsatian called Pluto at around the same age you are in the first photo. We used to go on many walks together, play ball, play in the snow, play little chasing games...

He always ran away during mating season and would turn up a day or two later, looking inordinately happy and roughed up =)

We lived in a leopard area so in the evenings we would put him in a spiked collar before letting him out.

One year, as usual, he had wandered off, but this time without his collar. This time he didn't return for two days , three days and we started getting worried. Finally on the 4th day he limped home in a really bad state. His body was cut in several places and when he finally lay down on the porch we checked and saw the telltale puncture marks on his neck typical of a leopard.

There was no vet in the hill station where we lived except one and he only came on weekends. My mom being a doctor still put him on glucose and antibiotics and he seemed to be getting better but the infection had already spread and he died a few days later.

It happened when I was at school and by the time I came back, they had already buried him under a huge banyan tree near the garages. I was devastated and probably for the first time I saw my parents really upset.

They refused to get another dog for ages afterwards because my mom said she couldn't take something like that happening again.

Only two years ago when I got out of college I went back home for a couple of months and got them the cutest little Alsatian puppy. We named him Calvin but for ages everyone kept calling him Pluto because he was SOOO similar. He is two years old now and incredibly adorable. I'm not at home so I don't see him much but everytime I do come back he jumps on me and crouches before running away so he can get me to chase after him =)

I'm happy that he still remembers the guy who brought him home and fed him milk from his pinky finger when he was a little puppy.