Comment: As long as there is immigration there will be papers

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As long as there is immigration there will be papers

Why is this so hard for people to figure out? It seems so many want immigration reform and seek to "make a law" but very few seem to care about the law when examining such matters. After looking deeply into law I honestly can't find anyway to enforce any immigration policy without breaking the law. Which in my understanding of law means it is not law. One cannot be breaking the law while enforcing the law, the logic simply fails.

If you have an immigration policy then that means you are going to be required to have papers to move around. Forcing someone into contract just to move around is felony extortion, disturbing someone's peace is trespassing against them. How can the government ever secure an individual's liberty while forcing them into any contract whatsoever including identification itself? Without identification NO immigration policy is possible which means they have to force people to have ID to move around.

I could go on and on how many laws are broken in the process of attempting to have force an immigration policy but main point is that as long as their exists any immigration policy then we will never be free. Most Americans are from somewhere else and many families did not require permission to get here they simply came and settled the land. It seems hypocritical of us to now demand freedom and demand that everyone be forced into contract of ID papers to know who is here "legally". Honestly I think this is biggest fail of the Tea Party and even many here on DP. If you want immigration policy and you want liberty then I suggest you look in the mirror if you want to find the reason why America is so screwed up. Wanting immigration policy is wanting other men to dictate your own movements. It is truly insane for someone who wants liberty and wants immigration policy the two are mutually exclusive.

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